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Published: 10th August 2009
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Neurosurgery job is definitely in high demand but it's a difficult field to get into as a medical student. It's competitive and it's hard to get into the program. There are only about 3000 neurosurgeon in the US which is a very small number. Not everyone wants to be a neurosurgery or can handle the job or have the capacity to be a neurosurgeon. It's a risky job. There is no room for mistakes. Patients can become paralyzed or die if you make a mistake. It's highly stressful and highly intense. Since it's so difficult, not everyone will pass their residency training or even exams. It's not an easy job. It's not like being a rehab doctor where your patients are ready to go home and they don't have that much medication any more. There are talented physicians out there who can handle the job as a neuro-surgeon. Neurosurgeons are in it for the love of their patients. If they didn't have a passion for it, they wouldn't pass all of their training.

It's a time sensitive and highly intense job. It's challenging and not everyone can get in the residency program. It's difficult but there are people who are born with that passion to be a neuro-surgeon and they do benefit all of the patients out there. There should be more neuro surgeon out there because there are so many patients that have neuro problems and they might need surgery. There are patients who have to go to another state just to get the neuro-surgery done. A neuro surgeon doesn't have to worry about getting a job since there won't be that much competition. There are not a lot of neuro surgeons out there. They will find a job maybe even before they graduate. If you're good, you will be recruited even before you graduate.

There are positions everywhere for neurosurgeons. Experience is extremely important in neuro-surgeons. You can really go into the operating room without little experience. This is why you have to spend a lot of time mastering your skills and learning more about your field. You will need to learn more than the normal doctor. You're a neuro-surgeon. A neuro-surgeon can also act as a consultant for other physician since he's an expert in his field. Neuro surgeon will work in a hospital most of the time. It's hard to set up a clinic on your own. The neuro-surgeon can also be a travel surgeon. The job outlook for the neuro-surgeon is great. One thing is that they won't have that much competition. This is the perk of doing something extremely difficult. The job can be demanding because it takes a lot of time and energy to prepare for work day after day and each case is different. After so many years of practice, the surgeon will have more flexibility and can have a balance for his career and his home life. It could be difficult to achieve the balance early on in the career. A neuro-surgeon really saves people's lives.
To learn more about careers in neurology visit the neurology jobs page for more information and how to apply for a job.

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