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Published: 10th August 2009
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Neurosurgeons are a type of doctor who works in the medical field helping patients with neurological problems through surgeries. The types of surgeries that they are able to do range from brain tumors to more advanced procedures. To become a licensed neurosurgeon, applicants must first go through a process of acquiring the proper education, practicing their skills and gaining knowledge through formal supervised training, and finally taking certification examinations.


Duties of a neurosurgeon focus mainly on surgeries of the brain, spine and nerves. They help to treat organic diseases as well as analyzing test results. Through test results, physical examination and pure knowledge, a neurosurgeon can help come a conclusion on the diagnosis and then begin to treat the patient.


Neurosurgeons are able to work in a variety of settings that they can increase their skill levels and experience. Some choose to practice in public hospitals, clinics and health facilities while others prefer to work in a private home helping just one patient at a time. Where you decide to work depends on what is available in your area, and where you prefer to practice medicine.


Just like most careers in the medical field, neurosurgeons can choose to go into a specialty field. Some examples of fields that a neurosurgeon could potentially go into are spine, tumor, pediatric, vascular, peripheral nerve and skull base. Focusing on a certain subspecialty field as a neurosurgeon can help to gain
clients who are looking for certain help with neurological symptoms.

Working Conditions

The working conditions for a neurosurgeon can be stressful at times and requires patience and the ability to be ready to work day or night. At many busier hospitals, it is not uncommon to see neurosurgeons work over sixty hours a week. As illness or accidents can occur at any time, it is quite possible that a neurosurgeon may be called in at all hours of the night.


Formal education at a four year undergraduate school is required. Neurosurgeon applicants must also complete at least four years of medical school, as well as three to eight years at an internship to practice their skills under supervision. Taking courses in physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry and English are recommended and sometimes required at certain facilities.


Neurosurgeon licensing requires you to have the proper training completed, a degree from a medical school, and a completed accredited program in neurosurgery. To become legally licensed, neurosurgeon applicants must first pass a national exam in the state they will be practicing.


Salaries of neurosurgeons range depending on what type of facility you are working for and your experience. The average salary of an entry level neurosurgeon is about $215 thousand per year. This amount goes up with experience and can raise to over $370 thousand.


Neurosurgeons are one of the most respected and highly paid careers available today. The gratification of helping a patient who is ill has many benefits for both you, and for all the patients that you help.
To learn more about careers in neurology visit the neurology jobs page for more information and how to apply for a job.

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