Food Addiction: Why Having Spiritual Guidance Can Go A Long Way

Published: 15th September 2009
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Recently, I had a conversation with someone about food addiction. Her name was Shana, was addicted food, and asked me advice on how to fix it.The problem was this: Shana was plagued by depression - she was meticulous concerning her wellbeing - so much so, that she ended up binging fairly often. She confessed:

"I cannot tell you how many times I catch myself not being able to stop eating. Although I feel the guilt afterwards, I simply say to myself, 'one more,' and then I realize that the box is empty."

"Other times, I will mean well and only take a bite or two of chocolate cake and discover, all of the sudden, that one quarter of the cake has been eaten. Why am I doing this?"

I then told Shana to pay more attention to the addicted portion of her mind, and told her to let that aspect inform her as to why she feels the need eat like this.

Shana answered:

"There are times I feel just lonely, and it is a feeling that I find unbearable. For some reason, eating makes me feel better. It's different while I'm eating, or if I am not hungry. I have a family and husband - I'm not alone - so I don't understand this."

I have found that many believe that loneliness is the result of something they have done - such as, not having a boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse, rejection, financial troubles, relocation, etc. However, most people do not realize that this is not the cause of loneliness. What causes our feelings of loneliness are threefold:

1)lack of love for oneself
2)lack of appreciation of personal feelings
3)lack of recognizing the inner child inside

It is pertinent that we have some sort of spiritual guidance to look to in order to find self-love, correct line of thinking, as well as the fortitude and push necessary to get through our daily lives.

Your spiritual source is whatever you need it to be - in fact, it can be whatever you want it to be.

Our own mind is slave to misconceptions, misinterpretations, and sometimes, complete falsehoods. Obviously, as finite humans, we need a vehicle of escape - or correction - which purifies us and enhances our understanding of what we are going through.

To sum it up briefly: We are a product of our own minds. There are many things around us that tend to poison our minds and make us feel inadequate or insufficient. Once we tackle those things which pollute our minds, only then we can see addictions and dependency disappear.

Once we declare ourselves to be a slave or designate something else to be our master, bondage is guaranteed.

After some soul searching, Shana stopped her binging within 3 months, realizing that most of her problems were based on incorrect assumptions about herself. Once she realized that all of these thoughts were unfounded, she was then able to move on, and the binging finally came to a screeching halt.

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