Becoming a Certified Hemodialysis Nurse

Published: 10th September 2009
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Many people are now looking into the doctor and nurse fields. A big one in particular is a hemodialysis nurse, which is also known as CHN. A hemodialysis nurse assists and helps patients during certain medical conditions such as kidney failure. Hemodialysis nurses work on kidney failure through the help of dialysis machines. If you are thinking about doing this kind of work, you are left with two decisions. Do you want to be a basic hemodialysis nurse or a certified hemodialysis nurse? Becoming certified puts more trust in your patients. This can be a very welcoming feature on your resume. When a health center or hospital sees that, they will put your resume above the rest to take a look at a second time. You will get the respect you deserve for working as a hemodialysis nurse. One of the big reasons people become certified is because of the perks. One perk is the excellent pay increase you will receive because more jobs will be offered to you. Remember, being certified comes with responsibility.

To achieve and obtain your certificate you first need to be a registered nurse, Licensed Vocational Nurse, or Licensed Practical Nurse. If you do not have one of these licenses, then go out and get it before you go any further than this step. As a hemodialysis nurse you will then need to obtain and pass all of the requirements. One of these requirements is going through an End Stage Renal Disease facility. You must work in this facility for at least a year; any less and you will not pass requirement. Now you are on your way to obtaining your certificate. Send in a hemodialysis nurse certificate application along with a couple reference letters. These reference letters can be from any other facility. These letters are recommendations. There is a requirement for the specific person who writes them though. The requirement is that one of the two letters must be from your current supervisor and the other letter must be from another person in a professional capacity. After you get everything together, send it in.

Upon the review of your application they may either choose to except or deny you. If they accept you then you will receive a confirmation in the mail. Some hemodialysis nurse certificates require a test to be taken. The location of the test will be included in the confirmation letter. Any other information that you should know will also be mentioned. Remember to study before you take the test. It is not going to be a simply test. The questions will be open to all areas of nursing but hemodialysis nursing in particular. The test includes one hundred and fifty multiple questions and you will have a full three hours to complete and turn in. If you pass the test you are one more step down the certified hemodialysis nurse road.

As a hemodialysis nurse you will now take an extensive examination. Be sure you are ready to take it. After all of these you will receive your certification. It will now be your job to keep it valid. Remember that they are only valid for four years. On the end of the fourth year you will need to renew it. To recertify you will need to complete forty hours of hemodialysis nurse education.

To learn more about careers in dialysis visit the travel dialysis nurse jobs page for more information and how to apply for a job.

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